121 Motorcycle Training

These are questions asked on your test so please feel free to save and remember them like your favorite song

Carrying a pillion

Please Note before you carry a pillion you must ensure that your bike has dual seat, 2 sets of foot rests.
The pilion must at all times wear an approved safety helmet that is correctly fastened

1 (Q)- What adjustments would you make before carrying a pillion?

A-1 Tyre Pressure- Increase as necessary (Check Owners Manual)
2 Rear Suspensions- Increase as per Owners Manual
3 Mirrors - Tilt Upwards to allow for rear weight
4 Headlight - Adjust Downward

2 (Q) - How would carrying a pillion effect your Motorcycle?

A-1 Pulling Away - More throttle required but steady with the clutch
2 Braking - More braking distance required stopping at the desired point, affecting the 2 second rule.
3 Cornering - Take corners slower to allow for extra weight

3 (Q) - What information would you give a pillion before taking them on the bike?

A-1 Sit astride the bike
2 Keep feet on foot pegs at all times
3 Hold onto the bike i.e. grab rails or the rider firmly
4 Lean with the rider
5 Advise them on how best to communicate with you i.e a tap on the shoulder nothing that will distract you
6 No Hand signals
7 Do not mount or dismount until told to do so