121 Motorcycle Training

Courses we arrange:
A2 restricted
DAS 600cc
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CBT 5 Elements:
A - Eyesight test and a safety talk - 30+ mins
B - Learning the controls of the bike - 45 mins
C - Learning to ride the bike - 2 to 3 hours
D - A long but important talk - 45 mins
E - On-road riding - 2 hours minimum

Over 60% of serious motorcycle accidents on UK roads are at least partially caused by other road users not seeing the motorcycle (i.e. not looking carefully enough). Don't put your life in their hands - RIDE DEFENSIVELY.

To become a motorcyclist riding without L plates on UK roads these are the steps you must (or should) take:

1. Get a provisional licence
2. Take CBT (compulsory basic training)
3. Buy, borrow or hire a learner legal bike and equipment
4. Get insured
5. Practice on roads with L plates and maybe take some pre test training
6. Read the highway code and other books
7. Apply for, take and pass your theory test
8. Apply for, take and pass your practical test
9. Get your full licence and tear up your L plates - YES!
10. Ride safely, live long and prosper.