121 Motorcycle Training

Welcome to 121 Motorcycle Training.
We are here to ensure that the service you receive is of a very high standard we have been working closely with other training schools for many years so that we could choose the best one for you. That's why we have opened our own training site in Hertforshire and we are now opening our new school in enfield to bring back that 'personal' in service to your area too.
Being a people's business we have created this service for you, making sure that the training you receive is of a very high standard and by friendly, polite and patient instructors. If you're having a good time it makes learning that much easier.

We provide that extra service that includes one to one with yourself and your instructor. There are also group lessons available on request.

If you are new to motorcycling, your first step is a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) which is a one day course that consists of 5 elements from A to E. Within that course you will become familiarised with all the aspects including Eyesight check, Clothing, Maintenance of your motorcycle, practical on-site training, practical on-site riding and practical onroad training and practical onroad riding.
Once you have reached satistactory level you will have completed the course and you will be issued with DL196 certificate which will allow you to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc with L-plates, providing you have a provisional licence or full car licence whitch is still your provisional licence for a motorcycle. The time that it takes to complete the course depends on you, you will not be moved on to the next part until you have reached a satisfactory level. Here at 121 our highly trained instructors will work with you on a one to one basis, building up your confidence and taking things in your stride, if you need to come back for further training you are welcome at no extra cost. The certificate is valid for two years of course completion and validates the provisional portion of your driving licence for motorcycles. It also validates the moped entitenlement on a car licence indefinitely.

Being a people's business, we work around your individual requirements, tailor made to your needs as we understand that it's hard to find time around everyday life therefore we work closely with you on the times that you only have available, We are able to assist you from whatever stage you are at, just starting to learn to ride for the very first time or module 1 training would be your next stage from cbt, if you already have compleated the mod one then you are now ready to take your finaly test module 2, confidence building is our main aim so that once you are able to control the motobike with ease evrything becomes easy, we will teach you all the techniques within one day and ballancing at slow speed will be like second nature, the correct bracking and method is important too, once we explain everything thoroughly we will then help you acthieve your goals quickly and efficiently, your instructor will work with you closly in a relaxed atmosphere and at your pace, our polite and friendly team will be happy to take your call.

We cater for all your motorcycle training requirements:
CBT Courses
125cc practice
Module 1 training
Module 2 training
Direct Access
Advanced training
One to one personal training

Whether you are a beginner or getting back to biking we are happy to assist you with whichever stage you are at.

All our courses and lessons are at affordable prices and there is no deposit to pay upfront as we want it to afforable as possible so yiu will pay for your test and training as and when you take them.

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